Boat:not only a glass bottemed catamaran

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The Multiacuatic catamaran sets off from the horbour, Puerto Base in Puerto Rico.

Pristine red and white it cannot be missed.

The Catamaran is 16 meters and a half long and 6 meters and a half wide and it was built in 2005.
It is composed by two decks: in the main one are located toilets and the bar, whereas in the superior deck you will be able to enjoy a totally open-air cross.
If you want to have a sight of the marine world ,on the Multiacuatic is possible to access to the glass bottom located in the respective hulls of the catamaran.
The boat has all the up to date equipment including specialized sound equipment for listening to the whales and dolphins. Multiacuatic is also proudly display on board the blue boat badge, a legal authorization to observe cetaceans, obtained only by those who obey and follow the marine code.

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